The Do’s and Don’ts of SMM

Social Media Marketing is a way for businesses to interact with their target markets over the internet via various social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram etc. The range and influence of digital media has grown by the day and Social Media Marketing services dominate a major part of it. With the explosion of newer media platforms, creating a result-oriented strategy to keep customers engaged is a whole new challenge for Social Media Marketing.

The challenge yet remains to do Social Media Marketing right. Hence we have tried to put down some of the basic do’s and don’ts of effective SMM for branding purposes.

Social Media do’s:

1.   Keep it short as it is proven that shorter posts get more engagement. 

2.   Make beneficial relationships with other businesses and brand promotion agencies as SMM is not solely for getting to your customers and helping you sell your product but also a place where communities of like-minded entities connect.

3.   Stick to your brand philosophy guiding your SMM Strategy as it will stop you from over-promising and help sustain your brand identity.

4.   Be aware of all the changes happening around you on the web, not just in Social Media Marketing, but any kind of marketing on line.

5.   Be innovative and experiment with your strategy to find new and interesting ways to present the same information to your networks.

Social Media don’ts

1.   Don’t copy the competition as copying a competitor makes it look like you don’t bring anything new or different to the market and does nothing to make you stand out. 

2.   Don’t expect immediate results as Social Media Marketing takes time and continual application. Strive to be consistent in your communication: and constant in your output. 

3.   Don’t spam your audience by posting unnecessary or same information again and again. If you are constantly bombarding your followers several times a day, they are very likely to hit the ‘unfollow’ button, very soon.

4.   Don’t just advertise on your brand’s social media feed as the trend shows that people tend to try out brands which have a diverse, informative, and responsive social media feed.

5.   Don’t try to please everyone as effectively managed businesses employ a diverse group of individuals. While that is great for innovation and ideation, it’s not always conducive to collective agree on the same thing. Identify the main stakeholders in the branding process and ensure they have final decision ability.

SMM as a medium is huge and there are endless possibilities for what works and what does not work but what remains intact are the basic do’s and don’ts. Following which any organization must represent themselves well on social media and create their own individual identity.