5 Times when Amul nailed it with their brilliant ads!

Amul has always been on the forefront of creative advertising and in our opinion has been the best marketer till date. Here’s a short trailer of the amazing Amul Ads that you can’t afford to miss!

   1.   Hitting the Target on a soft note!

   2.   Tribute the Man of Nation!

   3.   Doing the Yoga in a Right Way!

   4.   On the cricket star!
   5.   A little-bite of inspiration!

The creative butter has just started flowing. Stay in touch for more Amul ad-updates!

3 Social Media Myths that you need to burst RIGHT NOW!!


   1.    Being on every Social Media Platform is important.

  Uh aan! Let us correct you here peeps, a bunch of follow us                    symbols  along  with your brand name would not make a difference              to your  identity. The  more the merrier, TRUE! But then again, you                have got to be very careful about the audience you are targeting and            the kind of user base on that platform. For instance, NO a steel                      manufacturer does not need a Pinterest account and neither does a              sandwich joint require a LinkedIn account. You have got to                                understand what channel caters who and just stop adding and                        spending on unnecessary channels. 

   2.    Your social media activity will elevate your business in a month or two

Rome was not built in a day! You have to understand that creating goodwill and selling on digital space is not a piece of cake. It takes time, effort and consistency to get good results out of Social Media. The reach is wide and the platform is most successful but the success does not indicate an overnight response. Have some patience all you entrepreneurs, Digital Media has got a lot in store for you, but take it one step at a time.

  3.    Your brand is successful if you have a large number of followers.

NO!! Absolute no! Probably IDs like Angel Priya has more friends than your own personal profile. Does that mean Angel Priya is really a known figure?
Get your doubts cleared here friends, the wide number of followers may add to your credibility and goodwill but it is no justification of the direct conversion ratio. These are probably the people who know you or may have ended up liking you and never looked back .These may or may not be your prospect customers/clients.
Summing it up, never judge a book by its cover!    
Shoot it.
Snap it
Share it!
Happy Socializing!

2 sure-shot ways to improve your social media marketing efforts

With the overflow of content from almost all the mediums, Social media has been drawing a lot more attention than ever before. Since a better communication is ought to be born through strong visuals orientation of messages, brands need to be involved into visualizing their content to ramp-up their social media marketing efforts.

There are two revolutionary platforms which can leverage your brand’s presence:

   1.    Promo videos:
Short videos can bring together people’s attention in a jiffy. To portray your content above everyone else’s content, creating a short and attractive promo-sized video with engaging images and text is a good idea. Videos achieve a greater reach on social media (especially Facebook) and thus with the creation of more and more videos and their success, brands are focusing on generating brand awareness through this super-effective medium.
Promo in particular is a business to business video creation application that helps making videos easy and offers a great choice with almost 2 million video clips available. After selecting a video according to your need, adding music, text and logo, this application generates a ready-to-share video which can later be turned into a series of video too. You can create as many videos as you want and hold-on to a good audience through it.

   2.    Giphy
Giphy or GIFs are one of the most popular and interactive ways to share your message across a wide audience. Graphic Interchange Format is used to deliver a message which either way needs to be shared across a wider audience to create a better and longer impact. Gif also includes converting images in various formats into short and embeddable content snippets. You can also use default or existing GIFs to deliver your message or make one of your own. GIFs are more fun, entertaining and captivating and are gaining a better user attention now a days.

Try one of these or both the trendy social media tools with your brand and say it loud!