Differences Between Traditional Advertising and Digital Advertising

In the fast changing world of technology, digital marketing has taken over other traditional mediums and has affected the businesses on a serious note. To cope with the change, the businesses should move on a combination of traditional and digital marketing medium to be in the race of technology.

 Listed below are some major advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing:

  • Better Exposure: Once you are online, you can be seen from anywhere to anyone. And going further, SEO can get you even better recognition and space in the digital world which is time-taking and a slow process in traditional advertising.

  • Better Engagement: When you go for digital marketing you open up ways to encourage your customers to take quick actions regarding your products and services through- website clicks, product catalogue views, rating your products, booking them for order, purchasing them, taking follow-ups and so on. This result in better engagement than a traditional marketing will do.

  • Better Reach: Digital media allows you to reach your customers in a trice. It is hard to know who read your pamphlet or flyer than to see how many likes, shares, reviews and clicks you received onto your website or product page. This way, digital media has a better and viable reach to your customers and that too for a longer time.

  • Better Measurement of Results: It is quite easy to measure the traffic on your websites without having to wait for the results of traditional marketing efforts put by you. You can easily find out the efficiency through number of visitors and subscribers on your social media page.  Addition to this you can easily know which strategy worked for your customers and which one failed so that you can make the changes accordingly.

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