6 creative billboard ads that took advertising to the next level

      1.    So Natural to believe!

2.    Indeed EnLightening! 

      3.    Clean & Clear! 

      4.    Intensely Sticky!

 5.     Top-of-the-world Idea!

     6.    MASSive thought!

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How Nutralite acknowledged the hidden Bappa-Bhakts this Ganesh Chaturthi

Festivals are all about connecting with people and sharing moments of joy and laughter. Then why Social Media lag behind? Here is an utmost creative example of Nutralite- the largest table spread Indian brand, which leveraged Social media in one of the best ways on the occasion of Ganesh chaturthi:

Nutralite asked its audience to come up with creative four liners which connect with Nutralite and Ganesh Bappa in the most creative way. And these are the outcomes: 

      1.    The one which shows the importance of Nutralite in a daily breakfast!


 2. People took it really serious and posted interesting rhymes like one such which reflected Nutralite’s quality of being Cholestrol Free!

     3.    The one which depicted the awesomeness of Both Bappa & Nutralite!

     4.    A girl came up with something really Powerful!

     5.    One Lite-quote for the lovers of Modak & Nutralite!

Nutralite literally took the relationship of Social media and Festivals to a better level! It can be concluded that when it comes to celebrations, there is no better medium than Social Media to shout out the festival-feel.

How “Paper Boat” celebrated Rakshabandhan & increased its brand recall

Life is incomplete without Festivals. Festivals keep a special place in everyone’s hearts since there is a special fragrance of celebration in the air.
Festivals bring great opportunities for brands to capitalize on and this is what Paper Boat did.
Paper Boat came up with their Rakhi special gift boxes which they promoted on their Facebook page by posting a series of ultimately creative illustrations which show the special bond between a brother and a sister.

Paper Boat always comes up with illustrations depicting children who reflect the brand’s baseline- Drinks and Memories and this brings an additional advantage of a huge fan-following and likeability on their  

Facebook page. 

3 ways to improve your Facebook Page

With a vast and growing clan of social media users, every brand confirms social media as the go-to channel for a considerable growth plan. Having a Facebook presence is the need of the hour and here we are telling you 5 ways to improve your Facebook page:

   1.    Look after the Call-To-Action (CTA):

CTAs may include various options like- asking the customers to call, send a message, send an e-mail, sign-up, make a booking or purchase etc. depending on the type of brand. A brand should keep doing trial and error method on the different CTAs to check which one yields better results.

   2.    Share your human side:
People tend to get involved with the brand more easily and deeper when you show them your human side too. Showing that on the other side of the screen you too are a funny, emotional and bonded group of people who work together to bring smiles on customers’ faces. You can do this by posting up few pictures of a team-party, a group social activity or a celebration.

   3.    Fill in all the required information in the about us column:

Do not leave the “About us” column of a Facebook page empty. Try including the needed information so that the visitors could know more and better about your business. New visitors often visit a page and try to know more and more about the brand. Serving such people with more information should be the priority.

4 keys to brand building through Social Media

Building a brand’s reputation has become the first and foremost concern in the digital age. The global presence of a brand is created through social media efforts to help the brand give a thriving performance in the online industry. Around 85% of startups and established companies believe that social media has helped them to achieve a better exposure.
Given below are four keys that help a brand stand on its own:

Key 1: Maintain consistency in elements: A brand’s main motive should be to maintain a level of consistency into voicing out its communication efforts. It should create a unique brand identity by keeping the design, the elements like- logo, profile pictures, cover pages and other images in a proper pre-defined sync so that the audience quickly recognizes the brand.

Key 2: Choose the channel carefully: Analyzing the marketing needs and then deciding the apt platform for a brand is a proper process while choosing the channel. This also helps in exploring the social media possibilities and capitalizing the efforts in the same direction. A brand should consider various available social media platforms like- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. based on its audience type.

Key 3: Create valuable Content: Dwelling upon Search Engine Optimization and blog posts during the successful running of a brand on Social Media platform increases the chances of better recognition and visibility. Using a good content which is formulated after a vigorous competitive research and various trends prove to become the most shareable and valuable content of the brand.

Key 4: Communicate with the audience: Branding is all about building a better audience, producing effective and quality content and engaging the customers to build a strong wall of trust. Communicating with audience on initial level gets a little tough but with time, you can influence the audience with simple techniques like- tagging them in the posts, initiating them to post their reviews and e-mailing them.

These four keys to brand building prove to be a greater success in Social Media.