How Aquarian Resources Provided A Comprehensive Digital Platform To Tuhee International

Building a strong digital presence has been the need of the hour. Why? Because existing as well as would-be customers look for their favourite brands on the digital platforms. 

Aquarian Resources, a successful digital marketing company in Indore offers incomparable digital marketing services to a wide range of organizations. One of our recent digital marketing projects was for a newly opened hotel venture- Tuhee International which has gained a good momentum in digital media with our effective digital marketing services:

  •          Inclusive Website:

Tuhee International can be reached by a full-fledged responsive website designed and powered by Aquarian Resources. It is a hotel venture which has number of services to offer and to inform the customers about. It includes all celebration essentials i.e. A multi-cuisine restaurant, a banquet hall, Disc and rooftop restaurant and all these customer oriented services which should reach the customers through a strong medium none other than- a website.

This informative and attractive website features every aspect like services, food menu, banquet hall offerings and other useful information.

  •          Activeness on Social Media -24*7:

To build a higher level of conversation with customers, Aquarian Resources has created a Facebook page to portray Tuhee international’s latest offerings, events, add-ons in the menus, offers, discounts and other updates to the customers. Customers look forward to hear back from the brands they follow on social media and feel that they are being heard by the brands and are served according to their needs.

Before launching the website, we created few teasers communicating the special features of Tuhee International which created hype about the hotel and made customers curious. To maintain such engagement level with customers, it is important to be present on the social media 24*7 to influence customers.

With above powerful digital & social media marketing services suggested by Aquarian resources, Tuhee International is leading on the path of achieving mass attention. 

Brochures Designing At Its Best Will It Work?

Brochure is one of the oldest and strongest tools for marketing of any type and size of organization. A perfectly designed brochure helps reach a wider target audience base and leaves a long-lasting impact on the minds of audience. When compared to other marketing tools, Brochure helps organization communicate its features to the audience in more detail and with more efficiency. 

Real Estate Brochure Designing by Aquarian Resources

Brochures are required in almost every kind of business. But real estate market calls for development of brochures at large. To help people make good investment choices and assist the organization to portray its products and services efficiently. Aquarian Resources brochure Design Company in Indore, brings exclusively designed real estate brochures suiting to the needs of various clients.

Choosing a professional brochure designing company can make a huge difference in a feature-oriented appealing brochure and a mediocre one. We offer our clients advanced printing solutions and make sure every brochure is a piece of art and appreciation.

Brochures ranging from 4 to 64 pages and even more are being designed by our expert graphic designers to solve the purpose of our clients. We have a long list of businesses for which we offer best brochure designing services. These brochures help the organization in many ways- 

  • Improves Credibility: A printed brochure speaks louder and clearer than any other marketing medium. Through brochure, an organization gets a chance to narrate its story to the readers in a visually appealing manner. A wide portfolio with necessary graphics and real images help the organization improve its credibility in the market.

  •  Easy Call to Action: A small piece of printed information generates an easy and prompt call to action. A brochure is purposely made to move people towards the sales cycle by making decisions based on the information given in brochure. A visually appealing brochure with trending designs provokes a customer to take instant action.

  •  Professionalism Angle: An effectively designed real estate brochure acts as a resume of an organization as it communicates all the necessary information about the project. It reflects the experience of the company in the related field thus adds a professional approach.

At Aquarian Resources, we offer high-quality brochure, graphic, logo & website designing services that emphasize on the key features of the projects and help the marketer earn a good value for money.

Influence Of Social Media Marketing On Hotel The Prabha International

Social Media Marketing in brand building is one of the integral parts of business development. It not only increases awareness about the product but also gives brand a distinguished identity. The introduction of innovative platforms has helped brands to increase their equity and promote themselves amongst potential customers. 

For establishing a powerful brand image, it is essential to understand the importance of branding as a tool. Brand building is not about just communicating with customers but it is all about creating value for them. Social media can be a very strong branding tool if used with the guidance of a social media agency. 

Hotel The Prabha International, one of the best hotel in Gwalior has created a strong social presence by availing efficient social media marketing services from Aquarian resources. 

Aquarian Resources, one of the leading service providers of digital marketing & social media marketing in Indore, offers incomparable digital marketing services to almost all types of businesses. We have assisted Hotel The Prabha International in managing their social media presence by managing their page on Facebook- the most influential social platform. 

Hotel The Prabha International has successfully achieved:

      1.     Improved audience insight: 

With the help of effective social communication Hotel The Prabha International has been successful in knowing in deep the likes, dislikes and interests of its prospective as well as existing customers. This has led them to improve the audience insight to a great extent and making efforts in fulfilling their desires.

      2.     Improved SEO ranking:

With the improved number of followers and connections on the Facebook page and a content which links the external sites has helped to gain the attention of Google and thus has led to an improved SEO ranking.

     3.     Better positioning as Best Hotel

Being active on social media through regular updates regarding new offerings, events and other news, has gained a good recognition. The regular comments, feedbacks and likes from the new as well as existing customers have helped to rank as best hotel in Gwalior.

Thus, social media marketing services from Aquarian Resources has positively helped Hotel The Prabha International in making its mark on social media platform. 

How An Excellent Website Designing Helped Bhaskar Industries Gain a Strong Online Presence

A business rarely understands the importance of a good website design. A quality website design has a great impact on a company’s digital marketing strategy as it helps uplift the brand image as well as attracts a large number of potential consumers.

We can understand it this way. A product is sold for its contents, but somewhere its packaging also attracts the customer or influences his decision. Similarly, a website design is like a packaging for the brand. It influences the views of the visitor and allures him to give a second thought about the product.

Bhaskar Industries, renowned denim fabric manufacturers of India experienced the same. It has gained:
  •  Better Recognition: With the help of expert website designing services & strategies followed by web-designing experts  to make the website easily approachable and user-friendly, Bhaskar Industries is able to present an enhanced brand image and has maintained a strong online presence.

  •  Better Reliability: Owning a professionally designed website, Bhaskar Industries is able to gain customers’ trust as they get reliable information about the company on the website and thus do not hesitate to spend for the products they offer.

  •  Better Design Leads to Better Revenues: Once the design is created exceptionally by taking care of all the prospective needs of users and catering them through the required information in most attractive manner, it surely leads to generating more sales.

And same happened with Bhaskar industries. Portraying the whole range of products in a creative manner has helped Bhaskar Industries attract more and more visitors to their website.

Aquarian Resources, an experienced company of web designing in Indore assists small, medium and large scale enterprises in establishing a sustainable online brand presence by creating an appealing and sales-oriented website design.